Range Rover

Project Description

2017 Range Rover Supercharged 38″ – B6/NIJ III Ballistic Protection (High Power Rifle Protection)

  • 38″ limo stretch
  • Armored vehicle
  • Factory paint
Base Armoring Specification: 
  1. Transparent Armor (Glass areas): The transparent armor replaces OEM glass (winshield, rear doors, and all side glass). Transparent armor will be contoured to retain the appearance of the original glass.
    • How it works: Absorption of energy occurs through controlled de-lamination. Lead glass exterior layer slows energy of the round down through multiple layers separated by acrylic inner layers.
    • Certification: All glass has been tested and certified by independent testing laboratories
2. Operable Driver Window: Window will be operable up to 4-5″
3. Doors & Rear: Doors will all be armored with Armormax ballistic composite material in accordance with IAC required level of defeat. The composite is an extremely lightweight, bendable material that drastically reduces the weight of the vehicle. Armor will also be placed behind the rear seats and partially below the windshield.
4. Door Supports: Over extension straps will be installed to protect the hinges and support the weight of the armor.


  • Private
  • CEO’s
  • Superstars/Celebrities
  • Government officials
  • Diplomats

Project Details

Armored Limousines, Executive Limousines



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